Logistics Services

Global full-service logistics

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We are offering full-service logistics for used machinery worldwide

Logistics Services

Full logistics convenience

For buyers of used machines, we offer full-service logistics including preparation, loading, transport and installation of used machines using a global partner network of hundreds of logistics companies.


Preparation for transport

GINDUMAC carefully selects the best technicians to decommission, drain and dismantle your machine. All the fragile components are also fixed to avoid any damage during the transport.



The machines are loaded as per the recommendations provided by their corresponding manuals of instructions. We hire local companies to load the machines into the departure mode of transport, using cranes or forklifts.



GINDUMAC can transport your machine by road, rail, sea or air. Our experience has led us to ship from/to more than 30 countries. We assist you with the logistics and customs operations.



Our local partners will make sure to install and leave your machine in working conditions.

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