Front view of IMA Novimat Systems/I/G80/1000  machine

IMA - Novimat Systems/I/G80/1000DE-WOO-IMA-2011-00001

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This IMA Novimat Systems/I/G80/1000 woodworking machine was manufactured in 2011. It features a feed rate of 6-30 m/min and can handle workpieces from 150 mm to 2000 mm wide and 10-50 mm thick. Suitable for materials like chipboard and MDF, it includes a gluing unit with a diode laser, format processing units, and a buffing unit. A great opportunity to buy this IMA Novimat Systems/I/G80/1000 woodworking machine. Contact us for further details.


  • brand: IMA
  • year: 2011
  • MODEL: Novimat Systems/I/G80/1000
  • application type: Wood Working
  • Location: Germany
  • machine type: Wood
  • availability: Immediately

Technical Information - IMA Novimat Systems/I/G80/1000

    Additional Equipment

    • - Adjustable Axis for Infeed Fence
    • - Feeding Device
    • - Format Processing Unit for Rough Milling
    • - Format Processing Unit for Finish Milling (2 Motors, Forward/Reverse)
    • - Gluing Unit VTG (Equipped with Diode Laser)
    • - End Trimming Unit 08.42 (2 Motors)
    • - Milling/Chamfering Units (2 Motors, Top/Bottom)
    • - Multi-Processing Units 08.355 - 08.355
    • - Scraper Unit
    • - Buffing Unit

    Additional Information

      Machine Benefits

      • Technical Machine Benefits:
        • - Single edge banding machine
        • - Configuration: left-hand machine
        • - Feed rate: 6-30 m/min
        • - Versatile edge banding capabilities for a wide range of workpiece sizes and materials, including chipboard and mdf.
        • - Advanced processing units for both rough and finish milling ensure high-quality edge finishes.
        • - The gluing unit equipped with a diode laser provides precise and efficient adhesive application.
        • - Workpiece specifications: minimum length: 150 mm, width: 150 - 2000 mm, thickness: 10 - 50 mm, maximum weight: 50 kg.
        • - Edge material specifications: roll material: 0. 8 - 3 mm, edge height: 22 - 54 mm, minimum edge length: 250 mm.
      • Qualitative Machine Benefits:
        • - High precision and consistency in edge banding due to advanced milling and gluing technology.
        • - Enhanced finishing capabilities with integrated scraper and buffing units for superior surface quality.

      Extra information

      • - The technical data and descriptions provided are based on the original order confirmation and are intended for informational purposes only.

    *There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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