Front view of Arburg Allrounder 570 H 2000-1300  machine

Arburg Allrounder 570 H 2000-1300

Arburg - Allrounder 570 H 2000-1300


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This ARBURG Allrounder 570 H 2000-1300 HIDRIVE Injection Moulding Machine was manufactured in 2014 in Germany. It has a clamping force of 2000 kN and is equipped with thermoplastic cylinder of 60mm with long barrier screw (open nozzle 60 mm, nozzle tip radius 15, heating tape for open nozzle). In addition it features a servoelectric mold height adjustment with automatic clamping force control, a central clamping platen set Ø 125 mm, a maximum installation dimension increased to 650 mm and injection pressure increased by 10% (max. 2500 bar depending on screw). See overview of full configuration attached as PDF (DE) below. Important remark: The injection unit is leaking, there is a cost estimate from Arburg for approx. 15,000 euros net including assembly. This defect has not yet been rectified as the machine is not currently being used. The sale does not include the housing, any hoppers visible in the pictures or other accessories. The machine has already been taken off the grid and cannot be inspected in operation. Pump hours at at 63,202 and operating hours at 50,361 h.


  • brand: Arburg
  • year: 2014
  • MODEL: Allrounder 570 H 2000-1300
  • production hours: 63202
  • application type: Injection Moulding
  • Location: Germany
  • machine type: Injection Moulding Machines
  • availability: Immediately
  • control unit brand: ARBURG
  • GINDUMAC ID: DE-INJ-ARB-2014-00001

Technical Information

Control Unit

  • Brand: ARBURG
  • Model: SELOGICA direct

Injection Unit

  • Screw diameter: 60 mm
  • Shot weight: 620 (PS)
  • Stroke volume: 678 CM³
  • Injection pressure: 2500 (increased) BAR
  • Heating capacity: 22.9 kW
  • Adjustable heating zones: 8

Clamping unit

  • Clamping force: 2000 kN
  • Opening stroke: 450 mm
  • Max open daylight: 1000 mm
  • Distance between bars: 570 x 570 mm
  • Mould height min: 250 mm
  • Mould height max: 650 mm
  • Size of mold platens: 795 x 795 mm
  • Ejector force for / back: 60 kN

    Additional Equipment

    • - Equipment package Extended monitoring
    • - Equipment package Extended travel movements
    • - Equipment package Production control
    • - Equipment package Optimization/ operating aids
    • - Equipment package Quality assurance
    • - Documentation equipment package

    Additional Information

      Machine Benefits

      • Technical Machine Benefits:
        • - Reinforced screw coupling - coupling geometry multi-tooth
        • - Thermoplastic cylinder 60 mm long with barrier screw
        • - Drive unit with 30 kw motor and 61. 11/min loading volume flow
        • - Technology level storage drive // thermoplastic processing
        • - Open nozzle 60 mm // nozzle tip radius 15 // heating band for open nozzle
        • - Central clamping platen set Ø 125 mm
        • - Maximum installation dimension increased to 650 mm
        • - Ejector pressure p /q controlled
        • - Continuous oil cooling and filtration
        • - Robot system interface (to euromap 67)
      • Qualitative Machine Benefits:
        • - Injection unit adapted for long plasticizing units
        • - Servoelectric mold height adjustment with automatic clamping force control
        • - Injection pressure increased by 10%; screw-dependent max. 2500 bar
        • - Nozzle contact force regulated
        • - 12 electrical heating control circuits for mold heating
        • - Freely programmable ramps for hydraulic ejector
        • - Water-cooled switch cabinet
        • - Machine protection designed for operation with and without multi lift
        • - Low-current switch cabinet 800 x 800

      Extra information

      • - 50-pin Extension robot interface (Euromap 12 and 67) F9264, 4 programmable inputs/outputs on terminal strip, Socket outlet vert. 1 CEE, 1 Schuko additional, Cutting unit Temperature control unit WKZ 20 mA, Printer interface serial USB, Compact Flash interface for data record storage, Operating authorization with chip card according to EUROMAP 65, Holder for PC keyboard with USB connection, Acoustic fault display, AED - electrom. Dosing drive, Interface Protection of the safety fence door (EUROMAP 73), Parallel connection for heating tape Nozzle tip or adapter, Approach parameters, Interface coloring unit, Shut-off valve for cooling water in feed 1, Elevated oscillating elements (100 mm machine elevation), Machine-related cooling circuits controlled, aXw Control ScrewPilot , CD Operating instructions and spare parts list , Without granulate container 50 L, Without cooling water distribution for mold, Ejector plate connection Safety device, Socket outlet vert. 1 CEE,1 Schuko, Control extension for special signals, Machine in special paint finish

    *There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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