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DMG MORI - ecoMill 50PL-MIL-DMG-2015-00003


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This DMG MORI ecoMill 50 Vertical Machining center was manufactured in the year 2015 in Poland and has 25467 production hours, of which 16220 are spindle hours. It is equipped with a Slimline Control Panel with HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 control unit. The machine has a spindle speed of 12000 rpm.


  • brand: DMG MORI
  • year: 2015
  • MODEL: ecoMill 50
  • production hours: 25467
  • application type: Milling
  • Location: Poland
  • machine type: Machining centers (vertical)
  • availability: Sold
  • control unit brand: SLIMline with HEIDENHAIN

Technical Information - DMG MORI ecoMill 50

General Data

  • Measurements width: 5830 mm
  • Measurements depth: 4935 mm
  • Measurements height: 2530 mm
  • Machine weight: 4700 kg

Control Unit

  • Model: Slimline Control Panel

Main drive

  • Spindle speed range: 12000 1/MIN
  • Spindle motor power: 9-13 kW


  • X-AXIS Movement: 500 mm
  • X-AXIS Rapid traverse: 24 m/min
  • Y-AXIS Movement: 450 mm
  • Y-AXIS Rapid traverse: 24 m/min
  • Z-AXIS Movement: 400 mm
  • Z-AXIS Rapid traverse: 24 m/min


  • Outer length: 630 mm
  • Outer width: 500 mm
  • Height adjustment: 790 mm
  • Table load: 200 kg


  • Slots in storage: 32
  • Max weight: 6 kg
  • Max tool diameter: 80 mm
  • Max tool length: 300 mm

Additional Information

    Machine Benefits

    • Technical Machine Benefits:
      • - 10 c-a3380 milling center ecomill 50, with slimline control panel travel range of axes: x = 500 mm, y = 450 mm, z = 400 mm rapid traverse of linear axes 24 m/min
      • - Tilting and rotating table with digital drives b-axis rotation range (-50/+110) / c (360) rotational speed of rotating axes (b, c): 2,160°/min table size d 630x500
      • - C-b3086 3d control heidenhain tnc 620 with ascii keyboard
      • - C-b3016 progressline & planonlight electronic display of processing time and quantity of produced pieces.
      • - C-e3033 electric spindle 12,000 rpm/min sk40 tool taper din69871 for pull studs din69872 with cooling unit for the main drive (alternative to standard)
      • - C-d3044 32-position tool magazine (sk40 - standard, cat40 - with option c-m3004, bt40 - with option c-m3005, sk40 according to iso) 7388/ii type b - with option c-m3002). Chain-type construction along with an underslung gripper
      • - C-k3393 production package consisting of: - internal coolant supply 12 bar - coolant tank volume: 360 l; - chip conveyor - enclosed work area of the machine (cabinet roof); - manual cleaning of the work area (cleaning gun); - switching air-coolant via m function (6 nozzles for external coolant supply and 4 nozzles for air cooling) - 4-color signaling lamp (required option c-e3033 - electric spindle 12,000 rpm/min)
      • - C-k3130 direct measurement system for axes x, y, z (linear scales) along with blow-out for the measurement system
      • - C-k4224 package of precision measurement probes ecoline for heidenhain control, consisting of: - pp40 wireless probe for workpiece measurement - ts27r probe for tool measurement - calibrating pin with tool holder - calibration ring for probe calibration - wiper on equipment recommended option: direct measurement system

*There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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