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MicroStep Pls 13501.20 P

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This MicroStep Pls 13501.20 P plasma cutting machine was manufactured in 2011 in Slovakia. It is operated through a MicroStep control unit. It has a plasma power of 100 A. it works with a burner longitudinal movement of 13500 mm, and a burner cross movement: 2000 mm.


  • brand: MicroStep
  • year: 2011
  • MODEL: Pls 13501.20 P
  • application type: Plasma cutting
  • Location: Croatia
  • machine type: Plasma Cutting Machine
  • availability: Sold
  • control unit brand: MicroStep
  • GINDUMAC ID: HR-PLA-MIC-2011-00001

Technical Information

Control Unit

  • Brand: MicroStep

Main drive

  • Plasmapower: 100 A

Additional Information

    Machine Benefits

    • Technical Machine Benefits:
      • - Microstep spl cuting machine: 2000 x 13 500 mm
      • - Microstep iqm brnc 500 machine hmi
      • - Plasma source: kjellberg hifocus plus 161i
      • - Automatic gas console: kjellberg pgc
      • - Microstep iqm ekofan extraction unit
      • - 1 z axis
      • - Burner longitudinal movement: 13500 mm
      • - Burner cross movement: 2000 mm
      • - Burner vertical movement (plasma): 185 mm
      • - Burner vertical movement (gas-burner): 200 mm
    • Qualitative Machine Benefits:
      • - The machine is regularly maintained by official service in croatia
      • - The machine was overhauled at the beginning of 2019
      • - At the beginning of the table we would place a 6x2m sheet and start the cutter
      • - During the cutting process, a new sheet is prepared in the second half and in this way we have reduced the preparation time.
      • - The portal is mounted on separate linear guides, so the portal is not in contact with the table (visible in the drawings), which achieves greater precision and cut quality.
      • - According to the croatian service, the table can be shortened to other dimensions if needed

*There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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