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Elumatec - SBZ 131HU-SAW-ELU-2019-00001


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This 3-axis Elumatec SBZ 131 pipe saw was manufactured in 2019. It features a 7.2-meter cutting length, 4-axis control for precise aluminum and steel processing, and a revolver head with storage for 8 tools. The machine ensures operator safety with a light barrier and protective grid. It's ideal for complete profile processing without moving the raw material. Buy this Elumatec SBZ 131 pipe saw for efficient and accurate work. Contact us for further details regarding this pipe saw.


  • brand: Elumatec
  • year: 2019
  • MODEL: SBZ 131
  • application type: Sawing
  • Location: Hungary
  • machine type: Pipe Saw
  • availability: Sold
  • control unit brand: E580/1

Technical Information - Elumatec SBZ 131

General Data

  • Measurements width: 1600 MM
  • Measurements depth: 7550 MM
  • Measurements height: 1450 MM
  • Machine weight: 5500 KG

Control Unit

  • Brand: E580/1

Main drive

  • Main motor power: 4000 W / 5.5 PS

    Additional Equipment

    • - 2 carbide saw blades for aluminum and plastic Diameter: 420 mm, number of teeth: 96
    • - Saw blade cooling equipment
    • - Small stop for the stationary head
    • - Profile lifting bars for the stationary and moving head
    • - Work piece support that can be moved on the machine bed
    • - Two cutting and oversize cutting software solution
    • - Software connection to production preparation program
    • - Pneumatic clamping unit, horizontal
    • - Roller track mounted on a moving head 1.5 meters, 300 mm wide

    Additional Information

      Machine Benefits

      • Technical Machine Benefits:
        • - Dg 104 double miter saw 6. 0 m, with e580/1 electronics saw blade
        • - Cutting length: 6000
        • - Automatic length adjustment with positioning control
        • - Saw blade inclination 90 and 45° automatic pneumatic
        • - Positioning accuracy of +/-0. 1 mm/m
        • - Pneumatic fixation in the desired position
        • - Computer control windows operating system, 400 mhz - cpu, 128 mb ram, 1 gb flashdisk, 4 usb connection options, 3 rs 232 port connections, network connection rj45, 10/100 mbit, 8. 4" monitor foil keyboard and handwheel for moving around the operating system
        • - Possibility to connect to an external keyboard and mouse
        • - Air connection: 7 bar
        • - Air consumption per work cycle:saw without cooling: 40 l saw with cooling: 64 l
      • Qualitative Machine Benefits:
        • - All adjustment options are cut to the outside size, eliminating the need for lengthy size calculations, which is a big advantage for special angles
        • - Due to the larger saw blade diameter, it is also suitable for cutting wider profiles
        • - Saw blades moving from the bottom up due to the optimal clamping and cutting force
        • - Automatically closing protective covers
        • - Electrical connection: 230/400 v, 3 phases, 50 hz
        • - Saw speed: 2,800 1/min

      Extra information

      • - Machine still under power

    *There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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